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Can Business Coaching Help Me? Is it Worth it For Me?

Maybe you have heard of business coaching, but wondered “How can a business coach help me? Is business coaching worth it for me?”

Well, whether you own an accounting agency, a construction company, a therapy clinic, or a yoga studio, business coaching is meant to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups to focus on their goals, stay accountable, and grow.

A man wearing many different types of hats stacked on top of each other. Each hat has a different label. From top to bottom: Marketing, Sales, Collections, Bookkeeper, Human Resources, and IT Service.

A business coach can help business owners juggle their many hats and prioritize.

You might need some professional business coaching if you have ever felt this way:

  • “I feel like I’m in over my head and treading water just to keep myself from drowning.”
  • “Everyone is looking to me for leadership, to tell them what to do – nothing gets done without me – I’m the bottleneck at the center of everything.”
  • “I can’t take time off. The place would fall apart without me.”

Many would-be business owners are great at what they do, whether it is accounting, plumbing, or something else. The idea of being their own boss or having the freedom to do things their way is very enticing, but the specifics of owning and running a business can be overwhelming at times. Being the one to make all the decisions can be stressful. 

It can also be very lonely since life-partners are often not very involved and you don’t want to share everything with employees or others.

A woman hold an open book in front of her. Above her head is a lit up lightbulb. She is looking to the side where money is falling like rain. 

Getting a business coach's help is an investment in yourself and your business.

So how can business coaching help you? 

One of the first things I do as a business coach with clients is to help them assess their business and see where gaps are between their reality and where they want to/should be.  For this, we establish a long-term vision and plan with them. Having an optimized and effective vision and mission statement can give business owners stronger confidence and more specific guidance in knowing where they are going and what to do to get there. Together, we figure out step-by-step, goal by goal, a plan to get the business on track, more profitable, less stressful, and more strategically run to predictably reach the ultimate vision.

Clients find the worth in business coaching for an average return on investment of over 500%.  But, in addition to tangible ROI, they report:

  • Developing better skills to prioritize their time
  • Feeling better equipped to make decisions based on what is truly important to them
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the thoughts and actions that stand in their way
  • Significant improvement in their day-to-day lives
  • Feeling less stress
  • New tools/skills to help tackle the many aspects of business
  • A business that is system/process dependent, not owner-dependent

If all of this sounds like something that you would like to work on, you can schedule a FREE Consultation with a Business Coach and see how they can help you.