Virtual Coaching

The traditional business coaching is meeting with clients at their business or office.  However, we also have clients that meet with us away from their office.  Because being in your place of work can be a major distraction, sometimes it is far better to work on yourself, career, or business in a location with less distractions. Benefiting from coaching requires focus and energy to make the most of your efforts to improve. 
However, more and more our society is getting into virtual technologies and methods. Conference calls and video conferences are everywhere – in large businesses with multiple locations, in B2B meetings, for trainings and webinars.  This is the future, and the present, of businesses becoming more global. 
With this trend, I find that I am doing more and more “virtual coaching”.  Whether it is Executive Coaching, Business Coaching or Sales Coaching we are moving more and more in that direction. 

Advantages Virtual Clients Often Enjoy

  • It offers more freedom – clients can be virtually anywhere to meet with their coach 
  • Ideas, concepts, reporting, and even accountability can be just as powerful as in-person with video conferencing software
  •  We use conferencing formats that allow one or both parties to “screen share” or “video share”
  • Clients get reminders and confirmations to keep them on track and accountable.