Sales Coaching / Training

Want To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Sales Team?

Ultimately “Sales” is about getting the most out of yourself, or your sales team.  It is about data-driven performance, customer relationship, and proven processes. 

No one is born a salesperson, we must develop skills, relationships, and appropriate accountability.

If you are seeking to increase sales & accountability, and improve customer retention & customer service, it starts with you and innovative ideas and continually developing skills.

Getting more sales is every businesses goal. One financial opportunity for your business lies in getting people that are buying from your competition to buy from your business instead.  This is accomplished through more effective marketing and selling processes, rather than price discounting. 
How much will your company or you benefit by improving the  Attitudes, Skills, and Behaviors involved in your Sales Process?”

Consider These:

  • Could your sales people close more opportunities if they had a clearer and convincing understanding why prospects/clients should choose my business over the competition?
  • Could your sales people be more effective, if they were more strategically engaged with prospects?
  • Have your sales people taken consistent and productive sales training?
  • After having sales training, have your sales people gradually returned to old, less productive behaviors?

5 keys components that are part of the Weaver Sales Coaching Process:

Defining goals and strategies with utilize your purpose and passion to maximize sales energy, focus, and engagement
Developing habits that will allow you to reach your sales goals systematically
Exploring limiting thoughts and behaviors and overcoming those to reach your potential
Developing skills, knowledge, and attributes to promote self-accountability of your own potential
Developing and maintaining motivation to sustain high levels of energy and results long-term