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The Predictive Index Tools

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With PI’s workforce assessments, guesswork is a thing of the past.

Here’s the truth: most times business issues boil down to people issues. Make data-driven people decisions for better results. For example, studies show that:

  • 72% of company value is directly attributed to its employees.
  • On average, executives spend 61% of their time on people-related issues and challenges.
  • Executives report that 47% of high-performing employees left their companies last year.

That’s why you need a framework and tools for solving people problems, hiring the right people for the right roles, and making sure they thrive. And you need all this to be data-driven so you can actually measure things—and adjust as needed.

This is why Weaver Business Coaching works with Predictive Index and its suite of validated instruments and tools that help you:

  • Align your executive team on your business strategy
  • Design a talent strategy that enables people to execute strategic goals
  • Create behavioral and cognitive Job Targets for open roles
  • Understand candidates’ behavioral wiring and cognitive ability
  • Help people managers understand what drives their direct reports
  • Diagnose the employee experience and provide recommendations to improve it

What is PI?

Bringing this kind of rigor to your organization is a game changer. In fact, clients reported these results:

  • 98% said PI helps enhance their hiring process.
  • 70% said PI helps to remove bias and subjectivity from their hiring process.
  • 67% said PI helps them achieve stronger employee engagement throughout their organization.
  • 61% said PI helps their organization figure out how to make employees more productive.

This system provides powerful insight to design workforce analytics and map your organization for talent optimization, efficiency, and success.  Our holistic solution, which includes the Predictive Index, is not just about assessment; it is part of a philosophy that changes how businesses think about talent, implement their business strategy, and ultimately succeed in their business.

The Predictive Index solution is scientifically-validated for hiring and selection in any company of any size in any industry, and is proven to help organizations optimize their most important asset- their people- by helping organizations:

  • Attract, Hire, & Select Best-Fit Candidates
  • Retain Top Talent
  • Build Employee Engagement
  • Strengthen Teams & Culture
  • Improve & Leverage Organizational Effectiveness
  • Increase Productivity & Job Satisfaction
  • Discover & Develop High-Potential Leaders
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Cultivate & Empower Successful Managers
  • Manage Change
  • Eliminate Sales Slumps
  • Design & Achieve Effective Re-Organizations
  • Navigate Successful Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Execute Succession Planning
  • Optimize Exit Strategies

Our Assessments Include:

Behavioral Assessment
Cognitive Assessment
Job Assessment/Bench-marking Tool
Our web-based, integrated approach uses predictive data to achieve improvements in business metrics such as productivity, retention, and revenue.
Science-based assessments are the foundation – everything starts with the data.  PI measures critical dimensions of behaviors and skills in the workplace.  The Predictive Index assessment, developed in 1952, was among the first to quantify the importance of behavioral drivers and needs in the workplace, providing unprecedented insight into leaders, employees, and candidates.

How PI works

The Science Behind PIPI Insights
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Business Team Success

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Education and knowledge transfer are essential elements of our partnering strategy with our clients.  Our goal is that our clients become subject matter experts to interpret and apply their own data within the context of their own organizations.

Weaver Business Coaching is a trusted business consultant that provides the highest levels of applied experience, industry knowledge, expertise, and service.  We engage with your organization for strategic planning sessions, group analytics work, talent optimization, leadership development, succession planning, and strategic workforce planning.

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