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Mentoring vs. Business Coaching

By February 1, 2021No Comments

Mentoring vs. Business Coaching

Many people don’t understand the distinction between a mentor and a coach. While these positions might seem similar, there’s actually a world of difference between the two.

“Mentors,” for one thing, don’t usually follow a fixed schedule or require payment. They help with strategic issues, such as answering questions for founders without actively participating in company operations.

“Coaches,” on the other hand, are not afraid to get involved. They are typically paid and operate on a fixed schedule to help entrepreneurs make themselves better. Mentors offer great advice; coaches ask great questions.

You’re Never Too Successful to Hire a Coach

Many entrepreneurs hurt themselves because they think they’ve “got it all figured out” or “don’t need professional advice.” Meanwhile, other entrepreneurs– successful ones, at that– seek new coaches and more accountability as their businesses increase in size and profit.

There is a reason top athletes and world champions continue to work with a mentor or coach – they want to continue to be successful. Others can see us more objectively and help us improve on even the finest of details.

A Business Coach Could Be a Game-Changer

Coaching from people with a proven track record is a game-changer as an entrepreneur. Oftentimes, these business coaches are experienced entrepreneurs or business owners, who are years into nurturing their own companies. They’ve figured out the blueprint to success; all you have to do is soak up their knowledge and apply what they tell you.

Business coaches help to guide your decision-making and hone your talents. They can help strengthen your mission and pinpoint what your business can do to develop and get moving in the right direction. A business coach could help you, business owner(s) to refine your instincts, improve your judgment, and expand your perspectives to make better decisions.

Having a Team of Support

As an entrepreneur, you want a team of advisors and resources. If you have not already considered finding a mentor that can be there for support and advice. Build a network of professionals that you can turn to, such as an accountant, attorney, suppliers, etc.  And course, consider a business coach that can help you direct your business through the many obstacles and distractions that often are a part of running a business.

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