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Business Tips for Success in 2022

By January 3, 2022No Comments

BUSINESS TIPS – START 2022 OUT RIGHT – Schedule time to plan and follow these tips:

  • Make sure you are setting SMART goals for your business. Remember:
      • SPECIFIC
      • RELEVANT, &
      • TIME-BOUND
  • Take the time to do a Business Plan.
  • Clearly define what your goals are for Your Career or Business.
  • Inspect what you Expect.
  • Stay on top of monitoring.
  • Measure “What Matters The Most” (top 2-3 indicators).
  • Set your employees up for success (tools, training, autonomy, PI).
  • Work on communication in your organization (better to over-communicate than to under-communicate).
  • Find ways to build an Atmosphere of Trust in your organization.
  • Get an Accountability partner (i.e. Coach, Mentor, or
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