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Achieve Your Goals in 2021

By January 4, 2021No Comments

The New Year is the most common time for people to set business goals. With dreams of reaching new heights in their business, we set lofty and small resolutions/goals.

But, the simple fact is that studies of personal and business goals show less than 9% of goals are achieved. In fact, if you look back at your own life, how many goals have you set vs. how many of them have you achieved?

Another interesting fact is that 80% of New Year goals are ‘broken’ or ‘abandoned’ by mid-February.

Why are we as a society so good at making goals, but not achieving goals?

Want to learn the basics of goal achieving? The How, Why, What, Where, & When to help you achieve your goals?

Check out this presentation I gave about Achieving Your Goals:

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