Weaver Business Coaching - About

“Coaching is more than just trying to motivate people.  It involves a MINDSET change, building a complimentary business PROCESS, and the IMPLEMENTATION of those things into daily practice. 

 It is a Partnership between the Coach and Business Professional.”

Coach Keith Weaver LCSW, JD

Keith Weaver, founder of Weaver Business Coaching, has spent a long career helping individuals and teams improve their skills and lives.  Mr. Weaver has practiced as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Attorney.  He has served as a CEO, COO, Director of Operations, Director of Training, and Program Director, among other roles.  Coach Weaver has been through the struggles that small business owners go through every day.  Having owned 7 businesses (some started from scratch and some purchased), he knows how owners think and act.  Coach Weaver had to learn some things the hard way, while other skills he developed with the help of mentors, teachers, and coaches.  He has experienced the life of a business owner and worked to improve his businesses with strategic processes, mindset, and practice.  

For more than 5 years, Coach Weaver has been consulting and coaching business and organizational leaders. He has been an adjunct professor of ethics, counseling, and health management.  Coach Weaver also holds several certifications including certification in the Strategic Mindset Process®, a unique and proven process to help business owners grow their business while balancing their lives.

Coach Weaver blends his business and counseling skills to provide client-focused coaching; whether you need to develop systems and processes, overlook personal issues and habits, or just need to be more focused and accountable his coaching can help you.   

Coach Weaver has a passion for helping successful leaders committed to continuous improvement be more of who they are, dream bigger dreams, and accomplish more than they realized was possible. As a business coach, he helps businesses and professionals accelerate develop and achieve more.