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5 Ways to Grow Your Business

1. Let go of doing everything yourself.

Delegation is the willingness to have employees take on certain tasks to free you up to concentrate on the company’s greater vision. As your business grows increasingly more complex, responsibilities and duties across the company can become more blurred. This is why systems and detailed processes need to be in place prior to the growth of the company. Otherwise, it seems as though everyone is doing everyone else’s job and no-one has the time to focus on the company’s vision and future.

2. Transform your clients into raving fans.

Client or customer referrals can be a successful method to take advantage of your present client base and investigate new income streams. If you have a great product or customer service and happy clients, get that client base energized and engaged.  You have an asset there that often goes unused.

3. Figure out how to automate.

Reality check.  If too much of your time is spent on repetitive tasks, it pays big dividends to figure out an automated solution.  Innovation and technology can really empower your business, helping you enhance efficiencies and grow quicker.  However, to utilize automation well, make sure it fits into your overall processes and vision. That implies understanding which innovation to put resources into, but also how it will influence your activities and how to maximize your ROI.

4. Create new products or services.

Companies have to be innovative and develop new streams of income, whether through new products or new services.  Every great leader knows how vital it is to strategically be updating the market with new items.  Leadership includes creating a vision for those in the company of superior new products or services.  Every leadership team should be focused on innovation and the future of the company. Innovate or Die is the new rule.

5. Infiltrate new markets.

Another part of leadership is to envision expanded markets for products and services. Do your homework. If it is a location, go there. If it is a new market segment, research the need or desire. Connect with the client base, get them energized, and utilize that momentum to infiltrate the market.


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