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3 Reasons You Need a Business Coach

By April 11, 2019February 28th, 2020No Comments

I understand the aversion many business owners have to using a business coach. I’ve always been a do-it-myself kind of person, so the same feelings ran through my head whenever someone used to suggest I get a coach or mentor when facing business challenges.  Most entrepreneurs feel they should be able to do things on their own.  After all, struggling is part of the entrepreneur process. Plus, if you actually admit that you could benefit from another person’s help, what does that say about you?

Well, what does it say? It says that you are willing to admit that you have more to learn and that you aim for improvement, growth, and learning.  The first two businesses I owned did not go well.  But, when I changed my mindset and sought after mentoring and people to help me, my businesses turned around.  I became a fan of coaching, became a growth-minded business person, and did not see failures but rather ways to grow and improve.  Even after being successful in business and becoming a business coach, I still surround myself will coaches and mentors.

What exactly makes a business coach so valuable?

Here are 3 universal benefits I see every day:

1. You Get Personalized Advice

Sure, there’s plenty of business advice on the web or in seminars. But while there’s a myriad of general advice on how to run a business or motivate employees, every business is a little different from the owner down to the culture of the employees.

General business advice can only get you so far. Almost everyone will, at some point, have some technicality or specificity about their situations that they’re not sure how to handle. And that’s where a business coach can really come in handy. After all, this is someone you’re partnering with, not just to spout off any business advice, but to listen to your situation and give you an expert opinion on how to handle it.

For example, I work with many clients to become the true CEO of their company.  Usually, that means developing the mindset, focusing on those priorities, and working to build their business as only a great CEO can.  However, not all business owners want to be the CEO.  I have several clients that hire a person to do the job, while they focus on what they are passionate about, such as being the COO or CMO.

2. You Get Dedicated Time to Make Progress

So, let’s pretend for a second that you already have all the advice you need and know exactly what you need to do to solve your business questions. How likely are you to actually carve out the time—among all of your other priorities—to get it done?

One of the things many clients tell me in coaching sessions is that, without scheduled sessions, they would not take the time to put everything else aside and actually spend time defining and committing to working on their business.  Many of the steps we walk through in coaching owners could technically do on their own, but having a scheduled coaching session gives them the accountability needed to actually sit down and do it. 

I often tell people: I help ‘accelerate success.’ Business owners can find a way, rocky or otherwise, to succeed.  But it requires action. Whatever business-related tasks you’ve been procrastinating on, again and again, think about a coach as a good motivator and challenger to finally spend a good chunk of time on it and get the results that you seek.

3. You Get to Experiment, Iterate, and Improve

Working with a business coach is also a good, low-stakes way to experiment with different ideas for your business.  Everyone has a biased opinion that comes from seeing through our own eyes.  This line of sight is biased by our past experiences, successes and failures, prejudices, and mental strengths or weaknesses.

Having an objective perspective is valuable, whether you wanting to try out a new marketing pitch, employee training, or understand the pros and cons of a new fulfillment system. During the time spent with a business coach, you can get an outside perspective on new ideas without there being any actual repercussions.

That means you have much more space to experiment and then get real-time feedback and strategies from your coach to incorporate and try again. During coaching sessions, I have had clients work through everything from approaching a problem employee to implying a total restructuring of their business.

Because we live in a world full of complexities, doubts, and often excess information, these 3 benefits of business coaching are needed to get and stay focused on growth and results in business.


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